File Folders and Paper Converting Machines

Kempsmith offers specialty paper converting equipment with a variety of options to meet your products specific requirements.

The typical Kempsmith specialty machine is designed to meet the application as defined by our customers. We design new modules using the latest technology available, and combine them with previously designed modules and to deliver client-specified converting operations at a cost effective rate.

Tell us what you would like to make and we will provide a solution for your application.

Custom Design Equipment Applications

  • File folders
  • File folders with reinforced side and/or top tabs
  • X-ray envelopes
  • Student portfolios
  • Report covers
  • Pocket files
  • Expandable wallets and files
  • Custom equipment for other unusual needs.

File Folders

Top tab file folders are made on either the model FA-2-120 which is a single lane machine or on our model FA-300-A which is a multi lane machine. Depending on your needs, our machines can make top tab folders at speeds up to 1000 folders per minute.

Hanging File Folders

Hanging file folders can be made automatically from our web fed machine or from our sheet fed machine. The web fed machine is uses a roll of paper and produces a complete hanging file folder automatically without human interaction. Our sheet fed machine can be manually fed or can incorporate a sheet feeder to assemble the folder from a precut sheet.

Shaftless Unwinds

Kempsmith Machine Company offers shaftless unwind stands for any industry. Shaftless unwinds eliminate the need for a shaft or arbor to support your roll.

Use inline with:

  • Die Cutters
  • Printing Presses
  • Coaters
  • Laminators
  • Sheeters
  • Slitters
  • Corrugators
  • Bag Machines