Inline Printing

In-Line Flexographic Printing

Inline flexographic printing is available with all web-fed Kempsmith office products converting equipment.

Three capability levels have been developed for progressively greater application sophistication.

Standard Flexographic Printers

Standard flexographic printers utilize a two roll inking system with full adjustability and the ability to print line copy and charts. Easy set up and adjustment make it a snap for operators to use.

  • Single side printing configuration
  • Reversible printing set up that allows selection between back-side or front-side printing based on job requirements.

Encapsulated Ink Systems for Fine Line Print Work

For high quality and fine line work, Kempsmith’s encapsulated ink system offers:

  • Selection of finer cell ceramic anilox rolls
  • Doctor blade system for fine line printing screens
  • Re-circulating ink pump and ink sump
  • Easy clean up and color change