Variable Repeat Rotary Die Cutter

Our Variable Repeat Rotary Die cutter utilizes one set of die cylinders to produce a variety of folding carton products and repeat lengths.

This rotary cutter is completely servo driven and can be put in-line with a web fed printing press or a preprinted web can be used offline instead.

Whether it be cutting, creasing, slitting or embossing, it can all be done at the same time with one impression. The problems and expense of changing multiple die rolls are eliminated with this machine. It is very user friendly, easy to operate, offers fast changeovers and is virtually maintenance free.


  • Single set of die cutting cylinders can produce a variety of folding carton products
  • Extremely broad range of repeat lengths
  • Repeat length change is easily done by entering the desired repeat length into the touch screen
  • Flexible magnetic or hard steel dies available¬†
  • Easy internal and external waste removal due to rotary pin stripping design




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